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Album de la semaine :

« Tryin’ To Get The Feeling »

Barry Manilow

Arista Records


Tracklist :

New York City Rhythm / Barry Manilow
Tryin’ To Get The Feeling Again / Barry Manilow
Love Letters / Ketty Lester
Why Don’t We Live Together / Barry Manilow
Bandstand Boogie / Barry Manilow
Are You Sure / Aretha Franklin
Matthew McConaughey / Todd Carey ; Shwayze
You’re Leaving Too Soon / Barry Manilow
If I Had To Do It All Again / Yola
Don’t Wait for the World / Archie Bell
She’s A Star / Barry Manilow
Lost in Wonderland / Barbra Streisand
I Can’t Go For That / Donny Osmond
I Write The Songs / Barry Manilow
Shoulder to Shoulder / Rebecca Ferguson
Bad Case of the Good Ole Boy / Jordan Rowe
As Sure As I’m Standin’ Here / Barry Manilow
My Everlasting Love / Dionne Warwick
Taking My Love For Granted / Danny Johnson
A Nice Boy Like Me / Barry Manilow
Oh, People / Patti Labelle
Baby I’m Coming Home / Mack Rice
Lay Me Down / Barry Manilow
Come Let’s Go / Kathrine Brøndsted
La La Means I Love You / Star City
Marry Me A Little / Barry Manilow
You’ll Never Stand Alone / Whitney Houston
Old Fashioned / Darin and Brooke Aldridge
Beautiful Music / Barry Manilow

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