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Album de la semaine :

« Oh How it Hurts« 

Barbara Mason

Arctic Records


Tracklist :

Oh, How It Hurts / Barbara Mason
Poor Girl in Trouble / Barbara Mason
If You’re Looking Down / Blake O’Connor
Can’t We Be Friends / Anita O’Day
I Need Love / Barbara Mason
The Best Part of a Man / Wilson Pickett
Peace Like A River / Dionne Warwick & Dolly Parton
You Can Depend on Me / Barbara Mason
She’s Leaving Home / Mel Tormé
Magic / Colbie Caillat
I Do Love You / Barbara Mason
Miles From Here / Paul McCrane
Single Woman Married Man / Ava Cherry
Game of Love / Barbara Mason
Take Good Care of My Heart / Whitney Houston & Jermaine Jackson
I Can’t Go For That ( No Can Do ) /  Daryl Hall & John Oates
Yes, I’m Ready / Barbara Mason
Come Home Johnny Bridie / Bee Gees
You’re My World / Helen Reddy
If You Don’t / Barbara Mason
Love Is A Hurtin’ Thing / George Benson
I Just Don’t Understand / Freddie & The Dreamers
Is It Me / Barbara Mason
You’re the Song / Timmy Thomas
I Still Believe / Russell Dickerson
Forever / Barbara Mason
Future Ahead / Stevo Phillips
Even Now / Barry Manilow
I Don’t Want to Lose You / Barbara Mason
Sweet Caroline / Elvis Presley
Let the Dollar Circulate / Billy Paul
For Your Love / Barbara Mason

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Fiche Wikipedia de Barbara Mason (en anglais)


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