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Solid Gold 678

dimanche 9 février 2020

Votre émission de variété anglo-saxonne !



Album de la semaine :

« Shadow Dancing »

Andy Gibb

RSO Records


Tracklist :

Shadow Dancing / Andy Gibb
Why / Andy Gibb
Woman In Love / Barbra Streisand
That’s What I’ll Give To You / Jimmy Boyd
Fool For A Night / Andy Gibb
Emotion / Samantha Sang
Grease / Frankie Valli
An Everlasting Love / Andy Gibb
Chain Reaction / Diana Ross
Warm Ride / Rare Earth
(Our Love) Don’t Throw It All Away / Andy Gibb
Where Do I Go / Jimmy Ruffin & Marcy Levy
All In Your Name / Barry Gibb & Michael Jackson
One More Look At The Night / Andy Gibb
Heartbreaker / Dionne Warwick
Islands In The Stream / Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton
Melody / Andy Gibb
The Heart Knows / Olivia Newton-John & Barry Gibb
Please / Robin Gibb
I Go For You / Andy Gibb
Ain’t Nothin’ Gonna Keep Me From You / Teri Desario
Tragedy / Bee Gees
Good Feeling / Andy Gibb
‘Sing A Rude Song’ / Barbara Windsor
They’ll Never Know / Wayne Newton
The Runaway / Carola
Waiting For You / Andy Gibb

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